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There are many potential pitfalls to avoid in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing. For example, we favor incorporating forward-thinking fossil fuel companies in portfolios since excluding entire sectors can result in a growth bias for individuals who are already overexposed to growth through a combination of their human capital, compensation, and real estate. At the same time, rigorous third-party metrics are needed to verify that true ESG improvement is being generated, rather than risk “greenwashing” by selecting funds based on labels alone. At Opes, we’re dedicated to monitoring the latest developments in this rapidly evolving space to design a portfolio for you that incorporates both our investment views and your preferences using cutting-edge analytical tools and technology.


You’re great at what you do. We’re great at managing your investments.

We will understand and incorporate the unique aspects of your exposure across all of your assets, when constructing your investment portfolio. We embrace modern portfolio theory as a means of increasing risk adjusted returns for our clients.

Our clients tend to live in high risk/high return geographies whose prospects are closely tied to the technology sector, and we incorporate this into investment strategies via diversification and tilts toward value.

We see the reality and challenge of managing risk and generating income in a low interest rate environment and therefore strategically incorporate investments outside of the traditional stock/bond framework to increase your financial potential.


Real estate is one of the largest investable asset types in the world.

It is also an investment used as a place to live for the majority of adult Americans. Based upon our location in the Bay Area, and our past shared ownership with a mortgage bank, we pay special attention to the role of real estate in our clients' lives.

If you made it this far, you probably have real estate in your portfolio. For many homeowners in the highest-cost cities in America, the value of their home is multiples higher than the average U.S. home value. Sometimes that may be due to the size or quality of the home, yet frequently a modest home might be worth seven figures in these high cost areas. Owning such highly valuable real estate in a high cost area then brings forth all sorts of questions to consider. After no longer generating earned income, can you generate enough cash flow from your assets to stay in your home? How many of your friends are located near your home, and what are their plans? If you need to move at some point in the future, do you coordinate the location based on adult children, friends, or some other criteria?


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