Our clients are mostly based on the west coast in areas with high incomes and high real estate values.

Their income derives from a variety of sources, including stock compensation or business distributions. Home ownership is in high cost areas, and additional real estate often includes a vacation home or a commercial property.

And that’s all just for starters!

So take a look at these potential scenarios that may apply to your individual situation:


Have high earnings, but also live in an expensive area.

How do you balance your quality of life today both in terms of how hard you work and what you spend, with a clear vision of life in retirement?

Have income that is derived from several components with stock compensation being one of the most significant

How do you incorporate the inevitable shifts in your company stock price with a sound financial plan?

Have accumulated a significant amount of your company’s stock through regular vesting

How do I get grounded in a philosophy and set of tactics to diversify over time?

Own real estate in an expensive market like the Bay Area.

Whether just your primary residence or an investment property, you need a way of analyzing how this asset impacts your financial situation over time. Will you need to sell your home or a property in retirement? How important is it for you to retire in that high cost area?

Live in a state with one of the highest tax burdens in the country.

What can you do to reduce your taxes? Rental Property? Investments with favorable tax treatment? Charitable giving? A future move out of state? How do you prioritize which actions to take and when?

Are raising a family, and the exact location has significant financial implications, influencing the decision to attend public or private schools.
Do you opt for a more expensive home in a great school district? Or do you save for private education and not have school quality be a primary decision driving where you live?
Have aging parents.

How financially secure are they? Have you had open conversations with them around their finances? Do you stand to inherit wealth, and if so, have you included this in your long-term planning?

Have accumulated significant assets.
Are you taking the appropriate level of risk now with your investments? Have you accounted for the impact of technology stocks on your home’s value? Have you aligned or diversified your 401K investments from those risks?


Clearly there are many questions to consider. To truly understand your unique position we like to start with our onboarding assessment. This helps both of us decide whether this is going to be a good fit, while also framing how we’ll approach moving forward and managing your assets.

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